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When you breathe in clean air it affects every cell of your body. Our body requires three main elements to prosper: pure air, pure water and pure food. As “a land of first-sunrise and last settled”, New Zealand has some of the purest air on the planet, making it one of the most pristine environments in the world. New Zealand has maintained environmental purity in its soil, air, and water more so than almost any other habitable place on Earth and with its stunning natural beauty, it truly is a paradise.


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In this fresh-aired country of first sunrise, free-roaming cows feed on nutrient-rich green grass. As our cows able to live freely outdoors all year long due to NZ’s temperate climate and feast in its clean environment, they produce some of the world’s finest milk. The more the cows graze in the fields on fresh grass, the more beta-carotene concentration in the Ghee, which adds better health benefits and sweeter taste . That’s why at Gold Leaf Dairy, we rely only on New Zealand grass-fed cows’ milk for our Pure New Zealand Ghee™.



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Pure is

Our health and our environment is the centre of everything we do here at Gold Leaf Dairy, which is why we have customised our bottles: all our Ghee packaging is made from Pure Virgin Glass. In the modern world, containers of plastic and other materials can overtime and different temperatures leak toxic traces into food contents, negatively impacting on both your health and our ecosystem. Pure Virgin Glass is one of the purest and highest grade materials used to store food, ensuring that the quality of your Gold Leaf Dairy Pure New Zealand Ghee™ is protected and guaranteed for as long as possible.


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Gold Leaf Dairy is passionate about family. We believe great food not only brings people closer together, but also spreads better health to the ones we love. Through health and sustainability centred approach, our “pure philosophy” drives us to challenge the status-quo of the food industry and bring together quality, value and community to better improve the lives of all our animals, farmers and customer. As we are rapidly growing we welcome partnerships of all backgrounds and sizes.